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Do you have a competitive mindset or are you scared of competition?

Do you have a competitive mindset in your work? Most likely you do thanks to the gusto it takes to run a business, but are you scared of your competition at the same time? Why not create a mindset for seeking out competition? Don’t just be comfortable with it, but instead be excited about it.

5 Tips for Summer Marketing Carpe Diem

Summer is pretty much here, all of our routines change and our direction on everything takes on a different pace. However, change of pace is good. It allows us to breathe some new life into our work that through the colder months can feel lifeless and like it needs a little burst of sunshine. Not in the summer when the sun is blazing. As I write this I am sitting on our patio with my feet up… Continue Reading

Why collaboration is key to marketing success

So many small business owners are fantastic at what they do and know where they should focus their energy, but they get bogged down by trying to market and promote their business on top of all their other priorities.

How to balance proactive and reactive marketing

We know small business owners can’t always plan that far out. Things are always changing, and entrepreneurs like to stay agile by not setting their plans in stone too far ahead.

Finding Your Authentic Voice on Social Media

You just received a brilliant social media plan from your marketing partner. Now what? All you have to do is post. It may seem daunting, but it is that simple! Dive in and I bet you’ll have some fun.

Spark Some Ingenuity into Your Referral Program

Show some love to your marketing and cultivate better customer relationships with these referral program ideas.

The Long Way is the Short Cut

I had a thousand thoughts flood through my head after listening to this talk this morning with Marie Forleo and Seth Godin. Seth Godin is a prolific author with huge breadth of work. I have been a fan for a long time, and clearly he knows what he is talking about.

Marketing Demystified

How a marketing partner can save you time & money: You can stop trying to be ‘the handyman’. Everyone’s business involves trying to explain to potential customers why they shouldn’t attempt to ‘DIY’ something that you have built an entire business around.

Why you need brand ambassadors and how to inspire them

Brand ambassadors are simply people who represent and talk about your company in a positive, passionate way to everyone they meet who might care about what you have to offer. In short, they are your raving fans.

What if all of your employees quit tomorrow?

As new business owners ourselves, we now understand the many articles written and arguments about finding the right people to do the best job possible for your business. Finding those people is a feat in itself. (We are currently adding to our team, so we see this first hand.) Once you do find them, you move to the next challenge which is motivating them and hoping they don’t leave you. But what if they did all quit tomorrow?