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Instagram Stories: In-Platform Messaging

The world of social media is everchanging and it’s a good idea to keep up with the latest social media trends, so your business knows what the audience is looking for and how to use the platform. The content you share is integral to a good following…

Marketing Metaphors – Holistic vs. Western Medicine

We had some great thoughts today when talking about health and marketing in a philosophical way, Trevor came up with an awesome analogy. The difference between Western/conventional medicine vs. holistic/naturopathic medicine.

Ask These 3 Questions to Determine Where to Spend Your Marketing Money

If you think marketing is frivolous and you are feeling cautious about what to spend and where, check this article out. Take four minutes and read this great article.

Do you have a competitive mindset or are you scared of competition?

Do you have a competitive mindset in your work? Most likely you do thanks to the gusto it takes to run a business, but are you scared of your competition at the same time? Why not create a mindset for seeking out competition? Don’t just be comfortable with it, but instead be excited about it.

5 Tips for Summer Marketing Carpe Diem

Summer is pretty much here, all of our routines change and our direction on everything takes on a different pace. However, change of pace is good. It allows us to breathe some new life into our work that through the colder months can feel lifeless and like it needs a little burst of sunshine. Not in the summer when the sun is blazing. As I write this I am sitting on our patio with my feet up… Continue Reading

Why collaboration is key to marketing success

So many small business owners are fantastic at what they do and know where they should focus their energy, but they get bogged down by trying to market and promote their business on top of all their other priorities.

How to balance proactive and reactive marketing

We know small business owners can’t always plan that far out. Things are always changing, and entrepreneurs like to stay agile by not setting their plans in stone too far ahead.

Finding Your Authentic Voice on Social Media

You just received a brilliant social media plan from your marketing partner. Now what? All you have to do is post. It may seem daunting, but it is that simple! Dive in and I bet you’ll have some fun.

Spark Some Ingenuity into Your Referral Program

Show some love to your marketing and cultivate better customer relationships with these referral program ideas.

The Long Way is the Short Cut

I had a thousand thoughts flood through my head after listening to this talk this morning with Marie Forleo and Seth Godin. Seth Godin is a prolific author with huge breadth of work. I have been a fan for a long time, and clearly he knows what he is talking about.