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Augmented Reality

The endless possibilities of augmented reality are wondrous. Let your creative side out and dream big.

When everyone is living in the present on social media, ephemeral content is gaining traction and there is a push by tech companies to get more users, so why not take advantage of it?

Should my business have an e-newsletter?

An e-newsletter can be an asset in your marketing toolbox. It’s an extension of your brand’s personality, a vehicle to share information and ask for feedback, and a way to develop your email list, which you can use to market to potential customers on other platforms like Facebook.

Finding Your Authentic Voice on Social Media

You just received a brilliant social media plan from your marketing partner. Now what? All you have to do is post. It may seem daunting, but it is that simple! Dive in and I bet you’ll have some fun.

What metrics can tell you, and how to make sense of it

If you’re not already using metrics to benchmark, set goals and evaluate, it’s crucial (and insightful) to make this a focus of your marketing plan. With so much of business marketing being done digitally now, it’s easier than ever to track and evaluate metrics.

How do SEO and social media work together?

Your website search engine optimization (SEO) and content marketing are one thing. But what about how your search engine ranking and social media can help improve and rank you better when people search for your company or service? If you google it, one of the first things you will see is how Google announced in 2014 that social links may, or may not, boost your SEO. This came as a big surprise to lots of… Continue Reading

5 Ways to Improve Your Social Media Results

This article is well worth sharing because the very first point shared is a key value we strongly believe in. People prefer stories to stats. Walk people through the reasons why they should connect with your brand. Show them what matters, don’t tell them.

The Pink Wand Cleaning Services

There is something super fun about finding a way to give the right personality and tone to a business when we first start working with them.

Social Media Tips

This is a great book that we refer to often to help improve, elevate and expand our Social Media acumen. Thought we would share a couple of our favourite tips with you…

How much does a website cost?

We recently came across an article on how much does a website cost and we loved the analogy, This article says is so well! Think of your website as one of your best employees.

Woodside Golf Course

In the past month we have launched Woodside Golf Course’s new website just in time for their busy season. Our goal for the website was to create something very easy to use for fans and customers, as well as something interesting that contained all of the helpful content expected. We wanted to make your experience a fun and easy one on the website; it needed to fit with their mission to create insanely outrageous experiences for you. Woodside… Continue Reading