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Gender Intelligence: Embrace the Differences

After listening to Christine Hart speak at Canadian Business Chicks and the panel discussion afterwards it became super clear that gender intelligence is really important to the success of any business (and of course any relationship); it also became clear that this ‘new-age’ concept should be built into your marketing tone and manner as well.

Why collaboration is key to marketing success

So many small business owners are fantastic at what they do and know where they should focus their energy, but they get bogged down by trying to market and promote their business on top of all their other priorities.

Trailblazer: 1st Ever Recipient

We are excited to announce the first ever recipient of the Trailblazer, young entrepreneurs fund here at Switchback Creative. Christian Stronach of The Woods Adventure Co. was the first to receive this marketing and branding contribution.

Raising a Business: Part 2

This morning I got a text from my husband from late last night. When we are both fully engrossed in a project we tend to slip into opposing schedules. Trevor gets engrossed in a project,doesn’t want to stop, and will work late into the night.

Thoughts from a CAMPer

While right now we find it tough to open up two full days from our schedules, to hear from some of the best designers, film makers, illustrators and creative firms in the industry the experience was invaluable.

The Switchback Pack: Inaugural Ride

We always knew that over time we wanted to foster outdoor experiences with our clients as part of our culture as a company.