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Surround Yourself with Goodness

We all know a great space when we see one. We have all felt relaxed in an environment that put us at ease. We feel inspired by spaces that make us feel alive and vibrant, brimming with life.

Switchback Creative is Four!

We are four years old today! It’s hard to believe that we have been around for four years now. Trevor and I have learnt so much in this time, like your health matters above all, dogs are great PR Officers, we have the best clients and city around, and there are always challenges to work through and small victories to celebrate.

CAMP FEST 2017: Brain Dump

Here are our notes once we were home from CAMP 2017. CAMP is a creative technology, art and design conference at the Theatre Junction Grand in Calgary every year in September.

How do you Tackle a Challenge?

Challenges come up all the time. We each have things that get ‘all up in our grill’ and force us tackle them one way or another. Either out of sanity sake, or a better choice is out of a need to be better we face these challenges head on. Think of them as ways to better ourselves, our business and our way of doing things.

Labour of Love: Raising a Business

As everyone knows with side projects that they are these amazing little bundles of excitement. They are full of potential, depth and enjoyment. Some people are really great at side projects, they have no problem making time and finding the energy to bring these projects to life. They know that they aren’t ‘work’, they are soul food that feeds your creativity. Other people find side projects something that they have a lot of ideas about but never seem… Continue Reading

How to be honest when writing a blog post

I have preached it 100 times and read dozens of articles on the topic, but as is the case with most challenging things in life, the concept of ‘be honest’ and share yourself completely, quirks and all, is a challenging one when you actually sit down to d

Raising a Business: Part 3

I was talking to a friend last week who has 2 small kids and it became obvious that the title of these posts was pretty true. Raising a business is a lot like raising little kids. So demanding, needy and fussy in the beginning — loosing sleep, balance and feeling like your head is spinning.

Early Birds and Big Dreams

We have come to realize that our brains and bodies want to celebrate each of these launches, these small victories, and take time for a deep breath, relaxing in the knowledge of a job done well.

Our Mantra

When we speak to groups about creating a mantra, we use the thinking and definition behind Guy Kawasaki’s The Art of Start. A mantra is a deeper meaning for your company. It is the reason you get up in the morning and what drives your company to exist and thrive. Kawasaki’s definition of mantra is: “A sacred verbal formula repeated in prayer, meditation or incantation, such as invocation of a magic spell.” Your mantra is… Continue Reading

2015 Lessons Learned

What did you learn in the past year? What was the most valuable lesson? Here are ours.