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Leadership is an ART

A team reflects their leadership. A great team reflects great leadership and a mediocre team reflects a mediocre leadership. It is easy to notice teams in a constant pursuit of professional (and personal) development in both reflection and action.

Are you a Disruptor in your Business?

As they use to say “we would like to disrupt your regular broadcast to bring you this special message…. beep beep beep.” Are you a disruptor or are you being disrupted in your business? It’s likely only one or the other, there is no 3rd direction

How to balance proactive and reactive marketing

We know small business owners can’t always plan that far out. Things are always changing, and entrepreneurs like to stay agile by not setting their plans in stone too far ahead.

Everyone Has a Story…and other nuggets

Last week I had the opportunity to speak at a seminar on planning for 2017. It was put on by The Measurable Difference co-founders Vince and Donita Fowler (side note: Vince was my first rugby coach when I was 16; funny how things come around full circle).

Fall in Love with Your Work

As we were prepping for another talk on SEO, this time in Canmore at the Centre for Business Excellence, this seems like great advice. Everyone’s craft takes practice, vision and focus but I especially liked this point…

School’s Out: get blogging!

This week was filled with speaking about the things that we do. We held blogging workshops, marketing presentations and more consultation type meetings than usual. We have set in our marketing plan that we want to help educate and elevate businesses to be able to think about the whole picture, to be able to have a bigger vision. Obviously, you are reading this blog now so you see some of the perspective we try to… Continue Reading

Hiring: Project Manager

We are bursting at the seams and need another team member to make the sun shine in the Switchback world again. A mind blowing Project Manger is what we are looking for.

How to Kick your Customer Service up a Notch

After attending a Disney Institute workshop on excellence in customer service, a few things came to light. To backtrack a minute, I should first explain what the Disney Institute is. It is a branch of the massive Disney Corporation that travels around the world and presents their five branches of philosophies to business, corporations and individuals. Their list of five includes: employee engagement, business excellence and customer service. They use their own rules, terms and… Continue Reading

3 Ways to Share your Company’s Passion

If you haven’t heard, the CUSTOMERS’ EXPERIENCE with your brand is key to your business’s success. Top marketing strategists are predicting that this year 85% of the top brands will be measuring and competing, above all else, on the customers’ experience.

Trailblazer: 1st Ever Recipient

We are excited to announce the first ever recipient of the Trailblazer, young entrepreneurs fund here at Switchback Creative. Christian Stronach of The Woods Adventure Co. was the first to receive this marketing and branding contribution.