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Who are you? What is your brand?

Who are you? What is your brand? To understand the difference between the marketing, advertising, and branding, Peter Gasca encourages you to apply them to yourself. These terms are often simplified when truly effective marketing strategies are complex, and all three concepts revolve around the idea of identity.

Why your logo should cost more than your Starbucks coffee

“Fiverr – has anyone used it before for logo design? I want to give it a try.” I see this question posted in business groups on Facebook all the time and never reply because it feels so self serving but after seeing people’s bad experiences and definitely having an opinion on the subject we figured it was time to post our thoughts on companies such as Fiverr.

Rebranding the Canmore Folk Fest

The board of directors for the Canmore Folk Music Festival were seeking rebranding partners for the 2016 festival year and Switchback Creative jumped at the chance to be a part of it.

Our Mantra

When we speak to groups about creating a mantra, we use the thinking and definition behind Guy Kawasaki’s The Art of Start. A mantra is a deeper meaning for your company. It is the reason you get up in the morning and what drives your company to exist and thrive. Kawasaki’s definition of mantra is: “A sacred verbal formula repeated in prayer, meditation or incantation, such as invocation of a magic spell.” Your mantra is… Continue Reading

Trailblazer: 1st Ever Recipient

We are excited to announce the first ever recipient of the Trailblazer, young entrepreneurs fund here at Switchback Creative. Christian Stronach of The Woods Adventure Co. was the first to receive this marketing and branding contribution.

Branding Matters, Like it or Not

Why should you have a nicely designed logo, business card and website? At the most basic level it’s because people are attracted to pretty things.