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Is Your Message Speaking to Your Hero?

Yes – I know, I know, it’s corny to use words like “hero” when speaking about your marketing, but it often helps when crafting your marketing content so it’s not just “marketing fluff.” In other words, your hero gives you someone to focus on when writing, making it easier for you to connect with your reader. So, who is your hero? Your hero is the one person you’re looking to write to, whether it’s in… Continue Reading

10 Tips for Businesses Starting or Restarting Social Media Posting

Social Media is a necessary evil in this day and age for your business. You can try and ignore it or just pass it off to someone else but there is no escaping it so you may as well learn to love something about it and embed it into your business development and marketing so that over time it becomes second nature and not something you have to think and re-think about so much. 

Branding Matters, Like it or Not

Why should you have a nicely designed logo, business card and website? At the most basic level it’s because people are attracted to pretty things.

Thoughts from a CAMPer

While right now we find it tough to open up two full days from our schedules, to hear from some of the best designers, film makers, illustrators and creative firms in the industry the experience was invaluable.

How much does a website cost?

We recently came across an article on how much does a website cost and we loved the analogy, This article says is so well! Think of your website as one of your best employees.

3 Ways to Make a Beautiful Magazine Ad

Here’s something we all deal with and face every time we open a magazine and start browsing. Beautiful photos, delicious looking recipes, interesting articles and eye-catching page layout, then BAM!