Monthly archives for March 2017

Labour of Love: Raising a Business

As everyone knows with side projects that they are these amazing little bundles of excitement. They are full of potential, depth and enjoyment. Some people are really great at side projects, they have no problem making time and finding the energy to bring these projects to life. They know that they aren’t ‘work’, they are soul food that feeds your creativity. Other people find side projects something that they have a lot of ideas about but never seem… Continue Reading

Trailblazer Fund: Sour Dog Theatre

Our 2016 recipient of our Trailblazer program was Sour Dog Theatre and we are proud to say that their new website has been launched is ready for the world to see. If you don’t know about Sour Dog it is the brain child of Ali Froggatt, she is the artistic director and founder. Their philosophy is “Take risks and fail forward. Create art that matters, art that makes people laugh, and art that starts a conversation.”

Should my business have an e-newsletter?

An e-newsletter can be an asset in your marketing toolbox. It’s an extension of your brand’s personality, a vehicle to share information and ask for feedback, and a way to develop your email list, which you can use to market to potential customers on other platforms like Facebook.