Monthly archives for January 2017

What I learned from my dog

It’s the end of January and they say this is usually when everyone falls off their resolutions, gets their visa bills and overall feels down in the dumps. Don’t fall into that ‘poor me’ trap. The message I keep hearing over and over again is that our mind controls everything else in our life: body, health, mood, luck and drive. If we let those negative thoughts run our mind they will run wild.

How to Harness Marketing Opportunities & Trends

Great marketing is a mix of solid, proactive strategy and some time to simply react.

We talk more in this blog post about why you should plan ahead, but here we’ll specifically address why, when and how you should make room for trends and opportunities in your marketing.

Hiring: Graphic Designer to Wear Many Hats

While we love hats and toques we, of course, are speaking figuratively, to the fact that we need a Graphic Designer that can also fill many other functions in this key role.

Why collaboration is key to marketing success

So many small business owners are fantastic at what they do and know where they should focus their energy, but they get bogged down by trying to market and promote their business on top of all their other priorities.