Monthly archives for March 2016

Building on Emotional Connection Drives Profits

This is an idea that has been around a long time, but it is really coming into its peak right now. Experienced-based brands are thriving more now than ever, and they are seeing massive spikes in growth. Here is a great example in a kids toy… Goldieblox’s female engineering role model. We love this brand and how they position themselves as girls with engineering know how! For those who don’t know, Goldieblox is a toy aimed at young girls… Continue Reading

WordPress Template Themes vs. Custom Themes

The Battle of Website Development: Template vs. Custom Design I want to explain what I believe are the differences between the most common approaches to building a website. At the heart of this topic is the question all business owners need to ask…what kind of a website do I want? For most, this means two options. Let’s just say for the sake of simplicity, we are going to use WordPress. You then have the option of… Continue Reading

How to Kick your Customer Service up a Notch

After attending a Disney Institute workshop on excellence in customer service, a few things came to light. To backtrack a minute, I should first explain what the Disney Institute is. It is a branch of the massive Disney Corporation that travels around the world and presents their five branches of philosophies to business, corporations and individuals. Their list of five includes: employee engagement, business excellence and customer service. They use their own rules, terms and… Continue Reading