Monthly archives for January 2016

3 Ways to Share your Company’s Passion

If you haven’t heard, the CUSTOMERS’ EXPERIENCE with your brand is key to your business’s success. Top marketing strategists are predicting that this year 85% of the top brands will be measuring and competing, above all else, on the customers’ experience.

Airdrie Angel Partnership Soars

One year ago in February, we started working with Matt and Michelle Carre and the Airdrie Angel program.

2015 Lessons Learned

What did you learn in the past year? What was the most valuable lesson? Here are ours.

Week 1 of 2016: Great Start!

The first week of the new year is now past and what a week it was. Like so many of us out there we all have big plans, dreams and expectations of what the new year will bring. After spending 3 days just planning and ramping up for this week and new year we really exploded into a dynamite start. We did everything we said we would and then some. We landed 4 new jobs this week we had been going after.

5 Ways to Improve Your Social Media Results

This article is well worth sharing because the very first point shared is a key value we strongly believe in. People prefer stories to stats. Walk people through the reasons why they should connect with your brand. Show them what matters, don’t tell them.