Monthly archives for November 2015

Community and Connection

Everyone talks about how connection with the world and community around you matters and everyone says why it is good for business. But there is so much more to it than that! Community gives you a sense of purpose and altruism that doesn’t come from passion, hobbies or love alone.

Raising a Business: Part 2

This morning I got a text from my husband from late last night. When we are both fully engrossed in a project we tend to slip into opposing schedules. Trevor gets engrossed in a project,doesn’t want to stop, and will work late into the night.

Branding Matters, Like it or Not

Why should you have a nicely designed logo, business card and website? At the most basic level it’s because people are attracted to pretty things.

Share your Story

“What if you used social media as a chance to connect with people? To cultivate a community of followers + let your brand be of service to all?”

The Pink Wand Cleaning Services

There is something super fun about finding a way to give the right personality and tone to a business when we first start working with them.