Monthly archives for February 2015

Stories we Tell to Inspire

We all tell stories; everyday about our day, our experiences, our past, our dreams. Stories are simple, complex, long and short. They make us laugh and cry, and I think it is safe to say that they bring us together (and sometimes tear us apart.)

Method Culture Club Quirks

No longer a start up this book by the same name as the company has become a consistent book of reference and inspiration for me. The Method method: Seven Obsessions That Helped Our Scrappy Start-up Turn an Industry Upside Down by Eric Ryan and Adam Lowry illustrates how hard work, a great idea and killer culture in any industry can go far.

Does your business really need a blog?

Blogs are a great marketing tool to help raise the presence of your company online. They are fantastic at demonstrating your company’s knowledge and help position you as a thought leader within your industry.