Monthly archives for January 2015

What can killer design and marketing do for your business today?

It is OUR JOB to bring to life YOUR VISION and personality; to make your greatest differentiator up front and centre to your customers.

SEO: what it is + what you need to know

Millions of people use Google every day. So much so that Google is now a verb. We all know that people use Google every day to search for and find products and services, to make comparisons and ultimately make decisions on what they will purchase and from whom. But how do you make sure your company and product pop up and prospective buyers are directed to you? How Google works effects how you market your… Continue Reading

Lessons we Learned in 2014

With the new year comes resolutions, fresh starts and lists, lots of lists. Goal lists, to-do lists, not to-do lists, dream lists and my favourite – a lessons learned list. In the past year, the first year of running our business, we have learnt many things.

Why the name Switchback?

We’ve been asked a few times lately where our company name comes from. Well, how does anyone decide what to name his or her business? There are always the questions of will it make sense to others? Will it be relevant in the marketplace? Will it stand the test of time? And most importantly, does the name accurately represent who we are? Anyone that has gone through the sweat and joy of starting and naming… Continue Reading