Monthly archives for September 2014

What makes a good business card?

We have all had them, good ones, bad ones + ones that probably didn’t say much at all. It doesn’t have to be this way. .

The value of a strong web presence (especially in a small community)

You have a website but have been told your business comes primarily from word of mouth. That may be true buy why stop there?

“Get Your Art On!” – We sure did

What a fun event to be a part of! Working with Sherry Shaw-Froggatt, Vice Chair and Visionary, with Creative Airdrie for the past six months on ARTEMBER has been great. It all started with a request for a new ARTember logo and graphics—look for the art and culture festival in Airdrie. From there we developed a new website with matching graphics. But the main objective for the site was to ensure ease-of-use for visitors, including… Continue Reading