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Trailblazer Fund: Sour Dog Theatre

Our 2016 recipient of our Trailblazer program was Sour Dog Theatre and we are proud to say that their new website has been launched is ready for the world to see. If you don’t know about Sour Dog it is the brain child of Ali Froggatt, she is the artistic director and founder. Their philosophy is “Take risks and fail forward. Create art that matters, art that makes people laugh, and art that starts a conversation.”

Why your SEO strategy should go beyond keywords

We always tell our clients, search engine optimization (SEO) is not about just getting one thing right—it’s about 200 different little things done right.

Website Content: it doesn’t have to be a chore

Actually, it can be fun. Whatever type of business you’re in, I’ll bet you greet your customers with your authentic personality when they come into your store or sit down for a meeting.

WordPress Template Themes vs. Custom Themes

The Battle of Website Development: Template vs. Custom Design I want to explain what I believe are the differences between the most common approaches to building a website. At the heart of this topic is the question all business owners need to ask…what kind of a website do I want? For most, this means two options. Let’s just say for the sake of simplicity, we are going to use WordPress. You then have the option of… Continue Reading

Trailblazer: 1st Ever Recipient

We are excited to announce the first ever recipient of the Trailblazer, young entrepreneurs fund here at Switchback Creative. Christian Stronach of The Woods Adventure Co. was the first to receive this marketing and branding contribution.

The Pink Wand Cleaning Services

There is something super fun about finding a way to give the right personality and tone to a business when we first start working with them.

How much does a website cost?

We recently came across an article on how much does a website cost and we loved the analogy, This article says is so well! Think of your website as one of your best employees.

Woodside Golf Course

In the past month we have launched Woodside Golf Course’s new website just in time for their busy season. Our goal for the website was to create something very easy to use for fans and customers, as well as something interesting that contained all of the helpful content expected. We wanted to make your experience a fun and easy one on the website; it needed to fit with their mission to create insanely outrageous experiences for you. Woodside… Continue Reading

Feature Partner: Trevor Rounce

Every now and then we need to take a minute to reflect on what we have accomplished and the teamwork that got us here.

Latest Work Showcase

We want to thank all of the great companies we have had the honour of working with already in our business’s life.